Screencaps for The Face of Evil


Screencaps for The Face of Evil are posted. More info below the jump.

Monsters: yes, invisible creatures that maul people in the wilderness
Emotional Wank: 0 out of 10

Intended Destination: not given
Actual Destination: a planet, name not given

More info about The Face of Evil in the TARDIS Index File.

  • Love the cauliflower palm leaf Frankenplant. Nice!
  • Plainly this isn’t the whole of the Sevateem tribe. No mamas, no babies, no people cooking or farming. Is this the war party? The hunting crew?
  • Love the glove headdress. Fantastic!
  • I know Neeva is supposed to be a bad guy, and he does do a couple of bad things, but for some reason, I like him. I don’t usually care for people who espouse the concept of blasphemy.
  • Whoever tied up Leela must have skipped out on knot-tying class.
  • Leela’s wearing dangly earrings. Not smart for a warrior.
  • The chief of the Tesh could easily be the Grinch. Though what a pretty sparkly hat!
  • Tesh uniforms make them look like some kind of jesters made out of ribbon candy. Freaky.
  • Wonder what the Doctor was doing with the sonic and the green something-hedron while Leela was hypnotized. He was fooling with it and then it was abruptly gone. It reminds me of the tracking device he placed in Solomon’s ship in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

Raw Caps: 561
Finished Caps: 193

Capping Notes

  • Couldn’t get a good cap of that other chick. Far as I can tell, she only appears in one sequence, walking by on the way to the raid on the black wall.