Screencaps for Planet of the Dead


Screencaps for Planet of the Dead are posted. More info below the jump.

Monsters: Don’t be rude, the Tritovores are people. Oh, the metal flying rays, okay I guess they count, although I think of them more as wildlife.
Emotional Wank: 0 out of 10 and pretty refreshing too.

Intended Destination: None specific – following anomalous readings from present-day London.
Actual Destination: San Helios

More info about Planet of the Dead in the TARDIS Index File.

Raw Caps: 939
Finished Caps: 189

Capping Notes

  • Most frustrating episode to cap that there ever was! Nothing but motion blur from start to finish. Sure, full of action, but Doctor Who often is. Maybe something about how it was shot or processed or something, I don’t know. Really, really frustrating.