Rory Death Update

Last time I tallied Rory’s and Amy’s deaths, I forgot that Amelia had gotten de-existed in The Big Bang. So as of that post, Amy and Rory were pretty much tied at ceasing to exist.
Updated list below the cut, in case of spoilers.
  • Amy’s Choice – everyone “dies” twice. Rory just dies first and unintentionally. Quotes for dream deaths.
  • Cold Blood – Rory dies and gets de-existed.
  • The Pandorica Opens – Amy dies.
  • The Big Bang – Amelia gets de-existed.
  • Day of the Moon – Both Rory and Amy “die”. Quotes for hoax death.
  • The Curse of the Black Spot – Rory dies.
  • The Doctor’s Wife – Rory “dies”. Quotes for hallucinatory death.
  • The Girl Who Waited – one of the Amys dies and gets de-existed.
  • The Angels Take Manhattan – Amy dies once and Rory dies twice.

I think this is right:

Real Unreal De-exist Total
Rory 4 4 1 9
Amy 3 3 2 8

So Rory still comes out with an ever-so-slight lead.