Matt Smith is a Kevin Thief

I was sitting on the BBC couch, trying to send a picture of me and my date Kevin the Dalek in front of the Step and Repeat to my friend Katy (who made Kevin for me) when someone behind me says, “Hey someone just stole your dalek.”

Confused, I look at my bag, where my date had been sitting, minding his own business, and he’s gone. I look back the other way and see Matt spiriting away with Kevin, wedged under his vest.

“NOO!! That’s Kevin! You can’t take Kevin!!”

He brought him back. At this point, I have no idea if he said anything to me because my brain caught up and was mocking me in a little voice: “Noooo! That’s Kevin! You can’t taaake Kevin!” and suddenly I had no idea who name what talk me?

Matt Smith, date-stealer.

I find this sort of thing amusing. Not least of all naming a Dalek Kevin.