Fresh Screencaps for Let’s Kill Hitler

Fresh screencaps for Let’s Kill Hitler are posted. More info below the jump.

Monsters: yes, robotic antibodies who don’t know what “welcome” means.
Emotional Wank: 4 out of 10 for love and loss and induced psychopathy.

Intended Destination: Berlin, WWII
Actual Destination: Berlin, 1938

More info about Let’s Kill Hitler in the TARDIS Index File.

Raw Caps: 997
Finished Caps: 328

Capping Notes

  • I ran through the regeneration sequence more than once so the order of images there is off.
  • Extremely difficult episode to cull through. Too many fantastic images just different enough to tempt me to keep them all.
  • I can’t tell you how profoundly relieved I am to replace these blurry, watermarked images. It feels so good!

Listen to the Blogtor Who Commentary for Let’s Kill Hitler.