Screencaps and Review for Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks

Screencaps for Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks are posted. Review is below the jump.

Monsters: yes, four Daleks, scores of pig slaves, one Human Dalek, thousands of Dalek Humans.
Emotional Wank: 2 out of 10 for being freakish and loving freaks.

Intended Destination: New York City, the original.
Actual Destination: New York City, 1930.

More info about Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks in the TARDIS Index File.


  • The other Daleks, talking subversion in the tunnels, and even looking around to make sure they’re not overheard.
  • The other Daleks, making faces at each other behind Sec’s back. You know they are, all that eyestalk waggling.


  • This primary plot. I get that the Cult of Skaro are different and clever and creative, but I don’t see how the others let Sec get so far without deposing him.

Comments, Questions, Speculation

  • Compare this image of a Dalek progenation experiment

to these of the Rutan who terrorized Fang Rock. Interesting, no?

  • “Basically … run!” Is this the first usage?
  • In America, it’s an elevator, not a lift.

Raw Caps: 255 for Daleks in Manhattan / 250 For Evolution of the Daleks
Finished Caps: 133 for Daleks in Manhattan / 111 For Evolution of the Daleks