Screencaps and Review for The Girl in the Fireplace

Screencaps for The Girl in the Fireplace are posted. Review is below the jump.

Monsters: sort of – several confused clockwork repair droids.
Emotional Wank: 2 out of 10 for jealousy and loss.

Intended Destination: not given
Actual Destination: 51st century spaceship with time portals all over it to pre-Revolutionary France.

More info about The Girl in the Fireplace in the TARDIS Index File.


  • Another episode packed to the gills with eye candy. Costumes, sets, locations, hair, props, camera angles, everything.
  • “It’s so realistic!”
  • I really do love this spaceship. On the inside, anyway. Not too keen on the shape of it outside.
  • Arthur.


  • The DVD has a deleted scene where we find out why Arthur escaped to the spaceship and why the Doctor wants to keep him. I wish it hadn’t been cut. It was quite cute.
  • Arthur jumping through the mirror just doesn’t work for me. The technology is just not quite up to it.

Comments, Questions, Speculation

  • If the fireplace went offline when she moved it, how was her plea from Versailles heard on the spacecraft?
  • Wow. Watching this episode in slow motion is a lot scarier than full speed. The suspense in the early bit is cranked up by far.
  • There have been rumors that Sophia ┬áMyles is coming back in Series Seven. I see how it could be. Reinette (possibly) knows the secret that must (probably) be revealed on the Fields of Trenzalore. If someone (the Master?) has got hold of her after the Doctor goes through the fireplace but before she dies, they could use her to entrap him and get use of whatever the secret is.
  • First time I saw this, I rebelled strongly against the Vulcan mind-meld aspect. Now, in hindsight, I see clues here and there the Time Lords in general, the Doctor in particular, may have some telepathic ability to varying degrees. It’s not so jarring as I at first thought.
  • I have a hard time caring about all the emotional stuff Rose is going through here, watching the Doctor get close to Reinette. Dunno why.

Raw Caps: 846
Finished Caps: 218

Capping Notes

  • I must have gone through The Snoggery five times or so. It’s hard getting anything that’s not motion blur.
  • Hated not getting much of faux-drunk Doctor with his tie on his head.

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