Screencaps and Review for Midnight

Screencaps for Midnight are posted. Review is below the jump.

Monsters: yes, one mysterious alien consciousness, and also humans.
Emotional Wank: 0 out of 10. Or 10 out of 10 depending on whether you place wild-eyed panic in this category.

Intended Destination: not given
Actual Destination: the diamond planet of Midnight

More info about Midnight in the TARDIS Index File.


  • The diamond scenery.
  • The luxurious swimming pool.
  • Goading the driver and the mechanic into having a peek at the landscape.
  • Getting the passengers to socialize nicely.
  • A really unusual type of storyline, and an intriguing idea.


  • Humans. Yech. Hard to be proud to be human after this one.
  • This is completely a psychological thriller, which is a form I don’t like. I pretty much don’t like this episode. But I can still admire the skill in it.

Comments, Questions, Speculation

  • Do we evolve so much that partaking of three audio-visual activities simultaneously is a normal thing?

Raw Caps: 285
Finished Caps: 127