Piwigo Again

I updated Piwigo at its own urging about a week or so ago, and I just now discovered that obtaining the high resolution version of my images by clicking on the web version has been disabled all over the whole gallery. Getting screencaps is the entire raison d’etre of the site!

Investigating urgently how to fix this. In the meantime, I’m sorry!

Oh, and it nuked my favicon again too. Every time!

Edit: okay it’s still possible to download the high-res versions, just more obscure. You have to click this icon:

This is a lot less convenient than clicking on the image to get the high-res version, so I am still working on this, but at least it’s available. Again, sorry!

2 thoughts on “Piwigo Again

  1. Well at least I got the favicon fixed. Looks like the folder layout is different than I remember or as described in the forums but I finally found Piwigo’s favicon in /themes/default/icon.

    My headache over “click here for high definition” continues. That was a ridiculously useful feature for this site, and to summarily have it disappear is upsetting. I should have been given a choice.

  2. Used to be, photo sizes were thumbnail, web size, and original (aka high definition). Now the photo sizes settings page gives you this:

    ✔ Square 120 x 120 pixels, crop
    ✔ Thumbnail 128 x 96 pixels
    XXS – tiny 240 x 240 pixels
    XS – extra small 432 x 324 pixels
    S – small 576 x 432 pixels
    M – medium 1007 x 600 pixels
    L – large 1008 x 756 pixels
    XL – extra large 1224 x 918 pixels
    XXL – huge 1656 x 1242 pixels

    And “huge” doesn’t even come close to a screencap size, but you can customize these. I unchecked everything but the two that are permanently checked, the medium, which is equal to what I have for web size, and the huge. You can customize the sizes so I customized the huge to 1920 x 1080. I have no idea if that helps anything at all.

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