Screencaps and Review for School Reunion

Screencaps for School Reunion are posted. Review is below the jump.

Monsters: yes, Krillitanes, who conquer, devour, and assimilate desirable characteristics of other species.
Emotional Wank: 6 out of 10 for love, loss, being replaced, and feeling extraneous.

Intended Destination: contemporary England
Actual Destination: contemporary England

More info about School Reunion in the TARDIS Index File.


  • I’ve always loved Sarah Jane Smith. That moment when she stumbles upon the TARDIS and realizes it hits me with almost as much impact as it hits her.
  • That sad scene in the cafe where the Doctor has to face his abandonment of her.
  • That sad scene outside the cafe where Rose has to face the idea that the Doctor might abandon her, and why it’s so difficult for him, getting close to humans.
  • Use of the moon in several of these sequences.
  • Everything with K-9, even if he has got a bit bedraggled.
  • Face-off at the swimming pool. This is what I thought of when I saw that bit with Moriarty in Sherlock.
  • Bless Kenny. He’s brilliant with his own non-augmented human brain.
  • Diagonal shots of corridors and doorways.
  • The monster naming pissing contest. Rather charming.
  • The Doctor completely at a loss while the ladies are lauging at him. Reminds me of that bit in the Sontaran Stratagem with Donna and Martha where he says, “I think I’d prefer you were fighting.”
  • So very, very glad that another generation of fans got to know and love Sarah Jane and to enjoy Liz Sladen’s performance before we lost her.


  • Krillitane oil – is it like oil from their flesh or something? A gland that excretes it? If so, how can it be toxic to them? I don’t get what precisely the oil is supposed to be, except for some kind of electrical conductor in human brains.
  • It’s been often said how bogus it is that the computers fizzle when the Doctor throws a chair through a monitor, and not a computer. But this time around, I notice it’s not a monitor at all. It’s a projection on a white board. That’s even bigger rubbish.

Comments, Questions, Speculation

  • I counted 13 “physics” at the start of the lesson. Got a bit difficult counting them toward the end of the string. Did I get it right?

Raw Caps: 1106
Finished Caps: 269

Capping Notes

  • I think people jiggle, flinch, and twitch about more in this episode than most. Really hard to cap them. I blame this for the high raw cap count. I had to gun it during moments I badly wanted in the hope of getting at least one clear image. Blur was a serious problem for the entire episode, as is not unusual with series one and two episodes.
  • It took me the spare time of three days to get this enormous folder weeded. It’s usually the work of a couple hours.
  • Alas, Very little salvageable in the Rose Tyler, Dinner Lady segment.
  • Bless Tony Head for standing so still.
  • Batty Krillitanes fluttering about in front of the moon – so tricky!
  • Davey T.’s face was doing a lot of things a lot of the time. I think they call it acting. I might have gotten a few too many unnecessary shots because they were all so different.

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