Screencaps and Review for The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky

Screencaps for The Sontaran Strategem / The Poison Sky are posted. Review is below the jump.

Monsters: yes, one battle fleet of Sontarans and one child genius who doesn’t mind ordering other people’s deaths.
Emotional Wank: 3 out of 10 about the dangers of traveling with the Doctor, what it does to families, the meaning of life and identity.

Intended Destination: London, modern Earth.
Actual Destination: London, modern Earth.

More info about The Sontaran Strategem / The Poison Sky in the TARDIS Index File.


  • “She’s engaged, you prawn.” Ever since, I’ve been compulsively mentally adding “you prawn” at the end of remarks when I’m a bit frustrated at someone’s thickness. I work in an industry where this is common.
  • Ross. Of course we are supposed to like Ross because the Doctor does. But he is rather engaging.
  • The Doctor throwing a grammar correction and then a grammar error at Rattigan to see what he would do. It revealed much.
  • The scar on General Stahl’s upper lip. Very nice touch. Too bad I can only see it in a couple of scenes.
  • The Doctor’s channel changing to skip the annoying Sontar-ha chant.
  • Redemption story. I’m a sucker for the bad guy making good in the end.
  • The Valiant. What a craft!


  • The teleport is not illuminated until it becomes focal in the story, after which it is constantly illuminated. In a house full of bright pretty things, it is more anomalous before being dark.
  • Breeding across the face of the planet. Yes, they’re clones but it still sounds ick.
  • Ross isn’t requisitioning a car, he’s comandeering it. Those sorts of things probably shouldn’t bug me, but they do.

Comments, Questions, Speculation

  • Significant that Rattigan is seduced by immense power in the hands of people shorter than himself, when he is shorter than average among our own species. I think geniuses in general have fears about inadequacy, but imagine what short geniuses must face. Ours is a cruel world.
  • That UNIT truck is a lot bigger on the inside. Alien technology or just movie magic?

Raw Caps: 269 for Sontaran Stratagem, 302 for The Poison Sky
Finished Caps:  74 for The Sontaran Stratagem, 104 for The Poison Sky

Capping Notes

Martha’s smile is always stunning. It’s hard not to capture every single instance.