Screencaps for The Next Doctor

Screencaps for The Next Doctor are posted. More info below the jump.

Monsters: yes, Cybermen, Cybershades, and a power hungry, genius orphanage matron.
Emotional Wank: 7 out of 10 for love, loss, identity crisis, and mutual admiration.

Intended Destination: not given.
Actual Destination: London, Christmas Eve, 1851.


I do have to hand it to Miss Hartigan, it is pretty impressive, someone who can bend Cybermen to her will.

Points to the whole story for taking for granted that a woman can be king.

I also like both┬áDavid Morrissey and his character very much, but the sentimental stuff does get a bit too much, even for me. I realize the Doctor is emotionally wounded and all, and this sort of situation sets him up terribly, but it’s just too much.

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