So I discovered not long ago that the last two sets of screencaps, The Ultimate Foe and the second time around for The Almost People, were both afflicted by a likely side effect of stop-and-go capping. A sizable portion of random images in the sets somehow got capped at 1680 x 1050 instead of 1920 x 1080. Probably due to frequent stopping and unplugging the netbook from the big monitor to go do various things, and then the resolution failing to revert properly upon being plugged back in.

Huge sigh. I don’t really feel like going slowly through The Almost People a third time, and it’ll be awhile before I have the 4th disk of Trial of a Time Lord again. So what’s likely is that I’ll re-queue the former for the next pass around, and weed the latter to post anyway in a spirit of some-is-better-than-none.

The larger problem is that I don’t have a good space for capping. My living space has … challenges. Back wrenching painful ones. And several variations on hiding out at work are meeting with much less success than desired. More sigh.