But I’ve Been Dieting!

Unlike Donna, I haven’t been living in virtual reality. As far as I know. But I have been dieting, and I’ve been using SparkPeople to manage my intake and fitness. This is my third attempt, so this time I’m using the community features as well as the trackers. This means teams and message boards and blogs.

What do you know, I found two Doctor Who themed SparkPeople teams! One focuses on Doctor Who since 2005 and the other is about Doctor Who and Torchwood in general. This is fun! I signed up for one of the team goals as well as my own.

One of the Fast Break goals I chose was to collect one motivational picture per day. This is yet another way I use screencaps. My motivational pictures so far:

I didn’t have access to my caps when I posted this one, so I used a standard BBC desktop: