A Brief History of Time (Travel)

While doing a Google image search, I tripped over this delightful and incredibly handy guide to Doctor Who and spin-offs Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures, A Brief History of Time (Travel). I’m bowled over.

It’s all there, from vignettes of the Doctor’s various forms to sketches of his companions to notes on production teams and historical markers. Yet it’s in bite-size easily nibbleable bits with thumbnail images and links to much more in-depth material. So it’s lots, but not overwhelming.

Here are a couple more peeks. Click through to the site itself.

Episode details.

Character and episode summaries.

Quick aside – the summary page for Tenth Doctor Season Twenty-Nine (aka Series Three) has this to say about Jack’s presence in Utopia:

Hearing the TARDIS materialising in Cardiff, Jack forcibly rejoins the Doctor in his travels.

Heh, “forcibly rejoins” made me LOL. That sounds exactly like Jack.