Winter Fun with Daleks, and Other Fun

Hey! A link roundup from the last week

Winter and Christmas

8th Doctor Love

While looking for a good bit of information about the 8th Doctor, I tripped over this gorgeous image of a costume for him for the Time War.

It’s intended to be a transitional piece between his 1996 TV movie outfit and this one that was unveiled last year for some unspecified purpose. It’s actually black, not blue.

Here’s a video with more about the costume.

This Site

Added capability to log in via FB, Google +, tumblr, twitter, Yahoo!, AOL. I started this tumblr, because it’s so easy to share tumblr stuff that way. Have not figured out how to pull my tumblr posts into WP or vice-versa yet – still perusing plugins. I do want to avoid some kind of posting loop, since this blog posts to twitter and the tumblr posts to twitter too.