Screencaps and Review for The Doctor’s Wife

Screencaps for The Doctor’s Wife are posted. Review is below the jump.

Monsters and Wank

Monsters: yes, a giant urchin asteroid consciousness
Emotional Wank: 5 out of 10

Intended Destination: outside the Universe
Actual Destination: a sort of urchin asteroid outside the Universe

Rory Death #5


The Doctor receives a distress beacon from outside the Universe from an old friend. He takes the TARDIS there, whereupon its matrix, its consciousness, vanishes. Outside they discover people living on a conscious asteroid called House. They are two patchwork people, a crazy woman who bites him and calls him a thief, and an Ood with a broken communicator.

Developing a ruse to send Rory and Amy back to the TARDIS to be locked up safely, the Doctor searches for Time Lords he believes to be hidden there, instead discovering a cabinet full of distress beacons. He remembers the crazy lady had said the boxes would make him angry and looks for her, finding her locked up and insisting that she’s his TARDIS. She tells him things that lead him to believe her and he lets her out.

Upon hearing the reason House would take the matrix from a TARDIS and stick it in a body (to then eat the TARDIS) the Doctor realizes his friends are in danger and tries to rescue them, but House has moved into it and taken it away to try to enter the Universe. While House plays a game of mind tricks with Amy and Rory, the Doctor and the lady begin building an ad hoc TARDIS from the junkyard left by House’s previous meals.

They leave for the Universe in pursuit of the TARDIS. The crazy lady gives Rory instructions and a key for getting into an archived control room to let the shields down so they can enter, which they do. The Doctor tricks House into delivering them into the main control room where the matrix can re-enter the TARDIS and finish off House. After a tearful end to the time they talked, the Doctor puts a firewall around the matrix and begins another journey with his forever companion.


  • The summary, being a summary, of course does not convey the level of emotional depth in this episode. The Doctor’s relationship with the TARDIS as well as Amy and Rory’s marriage undergo some exploration, testing, and reward.
  • Love the banter. Especially, “Did you wish really hard?
  • Fantastic junkyard! I could live there happily.


  • We have to make up for ourselves the part where Nephew gets into the TARDIS. I’m assuming he gets there ahead of Amy and Rory and he hides. Somebody probably leaves the door unlocked.
  • Not a huge, huge fan of the running-around-the-corridors bit. It was good, but it was the sort of good I really only need to see a couple times maybe. The other bits I could watch a gajillion times and be happy abut it.

Raw Caps: 1418
Finished Caps: 222

Capping Notes

Even in HD, it’s really hard to get good crisp caps in an episode this visually dark. Plus this was another example of that odd phenomenon wherein certain individual faces just won’t focus. I noticed this in Day of the Moon; no matter what, young Melody’s face just wouldn’t come into focus. In this episode it was the Doctor, for most of the time he was on House.

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