Still Not Dead

Although it’s hard to tell my status as a living being from the update frequency of this blog. I completely blame my workplace. I normally blog during breaks, lunches, and right after I clock out. Due to recent emergencies, I haven’t gotten much for breaks or lunches, and being on-site without being on duty is a bit deadly.

I’ve got several draft entries serving as repositories of links and thoughts, especially about music, but also about snow Daleks and other such things. I did recently set up a tumblr to give that a go, since sharing tumblr things with tumblr people is a lot easier from a tumblr account than from WordPress.  I’m finding it a teensy bit tempting to just direct the domain name to the tumblr account and give over WP entirely. It’s absurdly fast and easy to use, especially with photographs.

For some reason, tumblr was all nuts yesterday (or was it today? these days are forever long and chaotic) about David Tennant’s puffy coats. Go figure.