Costume T-Shirt Update

Forbidden Planet have added two more T-shirts to their Doctor Costume T-Shirt Set. The only one missing now is 9th. That’s going to be a bit hard, I bet, given the color scheme.

2nd Doctor Costume T-Shirt

8th Doctor Costume T-Shirt

I can’t recommend the 8th Doctor shirt just yet though. As you may notice, the coat is really green. This isn’t right, unless it’s to do with the Big Finish audio dramas or something. Course I misremembered it as brown. I’ve just gone through the gallery for the TV movie and it seems to be variously charcoal, black, and some kind of deep evergreen. Here’s the greenest image I found:

Most of them look more like this:


So until this product is tweaked up, I can’t recommend it. Same goes for the 3rd Doctor’s Costume T-Shirt.  The color just seems off.

The others are splendid and I can’t wait to have one of each. See the rest of them here.