Oh the Uproar

Up in arms go the fans over an announcement that Harry Potter director David Yates is now working on a Doctor Who feature film. Heh, he is so in for it. Many of us still have cerebral bruising from the made-for-TV movie widely considered to be wall-to-wall rubbish (except for Paul McGann himself). The big problem is in the phrase “breaking from the show’s continuity”. Another article I saw on the topic used “will not adhere to its small screen counterpart’s continuity”. Fans love their story and won’t appreciate somebody messing it up.

"Half human on his mother's side" did not go over well at all.

Fan that I am, I don’t see too much to get alarmed about just yet. By announcing early (they’re looking at two or three years just for script development), Yates is inviting several cubic parsecs of feedback, which he can use or not, but it would definitely give him an idea of how invested the fans are. If it comes out great, then yay. If it comes out awful, then the TV series will look good in comparison. If it’s not going to adhere to canon, hopefully the series will likewise not adhere to it, which is fine by me. It’d be like the Peter Cushing movies then.

There are ways he could do this fantastically, though. There’s not an absolute between adhering to canon and breaking from it. A story can be completely independent of it, if written well. I personally would love a Time War story. That period is a great big gray blank right now and you could do almost anything with it. Or you could do an origin story.

I personally would love a Time War story with Paul McGann, especially if he gets to be a badass because he didn’t get the opportunity in the TV movie, and I haven’t yet obtained the Big Finish audio episodes so I don’t know if he gets to kick butt there either. I want to see a story to tell me just how badly traumatized our 9th Doctor is and exactly why.

Aw, there goes that pesky canon again.