Chameleon Circuit and a Few Other Things

Just got done listening to Still Got Legs by Chameleon Circuit. Definitely purchasing, and probably the disc-and-T-shirt combo. You know how I am about T-shirts.

If the name of the album isn’t ringing any bells, here’s a memory refresher. Did not go looking for that. Tripped over it in twitter.

So, anyway, some of these tracks are choking me up. Some have a cheesy part or two. Many are outright episode narrations with dialogue lifted right out. But the music is getting me, and so is how they put it together. Especially affected by “Mr. Pond”, “Kiss the Girl” (big earworm) and “Silence and the End of All Things”.

Have listened to a couple of tracks from the eponymous first album; am a bit less enthused about them, but they’re cute.

Edit: now I’m listening to more of them. The lyrics in this album are just fantastic. “K-9’s Lament” is just flooring me.

Here’s something else that’s beautiful:

And these cupcakes are just burning up the twitterverse today.

Not such a good day at work today. There’s been a banging in my head all day. Wonder if it was Hitler in the cupboard?