Screencaps and Review for The Lodger

Screencaps for The Lodger are up. This is the first album to be redone. It only had two images before and they were nearly identical. As always, review below the jump.

Monsters and Wank

Monsters: sort of, but not really
Emotional Wank: 1 out of 10 about unrequited love

Intended Destination: 5th moon of Sinda Callista
Actual Destination: Colchester, Essex, UK 21st century


The Doctor gets left behind in Colchester when the TARDIS begins to malfunction and cannot land again. Having manipulated events to create a vacancy, he becomes flatmate to Craig, the person downstairs of whatever is causing the interference. While trying to keep a low profile, he investigates the mysterious tennant upstairs and tries to coach Amy in controlling the TARDIS so that she doesn’t become lost forever in the time vortex.

He also inadvertently turns out to be exceptionally good at football, call center work, and career advice (given to Craig’s friend Sophie), to the dismay of his flatmate. Craig loses patience and orders the Doctor out, whereupon the Doctor must reveal his identity and mission via a particularly painful pair of psychic headbutts. The Doctor has just realized that the man upstairs has been burning up people in the attempt to get them to pilot his time engine.

Just then, the disturbance begins again, so they rush upstairs, finding out on the way that the upstairs doesn’t actually exist and that it’s Sophie in danger this time. The Doctor’s presence causes the man, actually a hologram, to focus on him. The time engine releases Sophie and begins to draw him in, but if they connect, the solar system will explode. Working out what the system requires, he asks Craig to place his hand on the controls and concentrate on why he doesn’t want to leave. Craig does this and confesses his love for Sophie, who also places her hand on the controls and reveals she loves him too. Their kiss defeats the system, which starts an implosion sequence, but our friends exit the building in time.

The spaceship that had been disguised as upstairs shrinks to a point and vanishes. The Doctor makes his goodbyes and then departs with Amy to do the manipulations to make the lower flat available. While searching his jacket pockets for a pen, she finds the box with engagement ring that Rory had given her, but is mystified, since she cannot remember him.


  • Ancient amateur. Hee!
  • Air kisses.
  • Aha, the same shushing trick as in Closing Time, only not a big deal made of it.
  • Ha! Pepper grinder, also as in Closing Time, but at least it’s going properly into the eggs instead of all over Craig’s shoulders.
  • The Doctor’s wacky scrambly communication device.
  • There are so many funny lines in this one, it’s tempting to list them all, but that would be boring. Know that I LOLed. A lot.
  • Murray Gold’s work is excellent all the time, but I especially like this bit “A Useful Striker” for the football match.
  • Non-sonic screwdriver and doing the wiring. Another thing that Closing Time calls back to.
  • The ever-so-subtle sounds effects while the Doctor is working on the wiring.
  • The Doctor’s low-tech scanner, although it proves useless in the end. It should go into the dislikes as well because the concept seems ludicrous. If it were supposed to be doing some kind of physical action rather than scanning, I could then give it 100% approval.
  • Aha! Chopping at an ad-hoc mixture with a wooden spoon. I wonder just how many callbacks to The Lodger are in Closing Time?


  • Stealing Craig’s shot. I realize he’s excited and all, but that’s just mean.
  • That oval bit of art in the hallway, the head with the high forehead and the oddly discolored nose.
  • Magical anything-on-hand tea.
  • Magical implosion kiss.

Comments, Questions, Speculation

  • First time I saw this episode, the first minute or so shocked me right out of my skin. Big OMG. I wouldn’t have felt so alarmed if it were Romana or Nyssa or River traveling with him, as they have TARDIS piloting skills. How in the world was Amy supposed to manage? I didn’t realize that he would probably do a communication device until about when he arrived at Craig’s.
  • Jubilee Pizza! Is this an actual UK franchise? Isn’t that the pizza the Torchwood lot always got? Even in Miracle Day? I think it is. Aha, yes!
  • Why does the Doctor never remember he doesn’t like wine? It does make for a pretty decent recurring gag.
  • The crack in the wall is already there as the Doctor is making the magical tea.

Raw Caps: 1102
Finished Caps: 172

Capping Notes

  • IĀ attributeĀ the abnormally high number of raw caps for a non-art episode to the amount of action going on. I had to snap a lot of them quickly in the hopes of getting around the motion blur.
  • A couple times in the past I’ve been frustrated by frames that have something fantastic happening on one side and something horrible on the other, so that the cap is completely unsuitable to my purposes. I’ve finally started a folder for these, so they can be used for whatever else. Wish now I hadn’t emptied the recycle bin after earlier episodes. There had been some heartbreaking rejects. This gets mentioned here because of a lovely toothbrush still art with a flapping hand in it, and also the crack in the wall behind the fridge while the Doctor is rooting about the trash bin.
  • Also, even though this image is full of blur, I had to keep it because when it pops randomly on my screen, there’s going to be laughing. Love this image.

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