Blogging Clients

So I screencap at home where I have a nice big monitor but little to no Internet. I do the reviews while I screencap, so that means working offline. Up to now I’ve been doing this with Wordpad but there’s so much formatting and image adding and stuff to do when I’m ready to post, it just seems smart to use a client. So I went looking for one.

Here are two that got rejected within the first 15 minutes.


At the configuration stage it became immediately apparent that it was retrofitted to sort of work with WordPress. Even after entering my details, the controls still insisted on LJ-specific configuration. If just getting started is like this, I’m not going to struggle to make it work.

Chrysanth Webstory

This item is listed in the Codex as freeware. It’s really only sorta freeware. If you are a frequent poster, you have to either buy credits on a per-post basis (only the first post per day is free) or list yourself as a professional blogger and buy credits on monthly subscription. Either way, it’s monetary. What I like to do is try out freeware, and if I like it, buy a license or make a donation. I do that with all the apps I love, and sometimes (EditPlus I am looking at you) more than once.

Am trying Zoundry Raven now. So far I’ve gotten it installed and have imported the site without mishap. We’ll see how this goes.

Update: fail. I wrote an entry that Raven saved and then displayed as an unformatted blob of text. It also threw a lot of errors about tags, even when I didn’t use any. Opened/closed a few times, tried various options. Same thing. I have to gauge my level of interest in troubleshooting this vs. trying something else.

Also, thanks to my 15-minute taste of Webstory, I now have a permanent account. Can’t get rid of it. At least they let me turn off all the email notifications. What a nuisance.