Screencaps and Review for Vincent and the Doctor

Screencaps for Vincent and the Doctor are posted. Review is below.

Monsters and Wank

Monsters: yes – a Krafayis AKA Invisible Space Chicken
Emotional Wank: 5 out of 10 about coping with mental ilness

Intended Destination: France, June 1890
Actual Destination: France, June 1890


After spotting a sinister alien face in one of Van Gogh’s paintings, the Doctor takes Amy to 1890 to find out what Vincent knows about the creature. They discover an invisible menace mutilating the population, a creature that Vincent is somehow able to see. With the help of a device to help the Doctor also see the beast, a Krafayis, they encounter it in a church where, in a moment of defense, Vincent stabs it with an easel, killing it. During their stay with Vincent, Amy and the Doctor learn much about him, about the Krafayis, and in many ways about seeing. They develop a close bond with him. So, they take Vincent to the Musée d’Orsay in Paris in our time to show him what impact he has had on art in our time. Vincent hears an expert explain the significance of his contribution and returns home with tears of joy. However, no new paintings appear in the Musée. He still takes his own life at the age of 37, but leaves a dedication to Amy in one of his paintings.


  • So, so, so much sadness over the loss of Rory. It’s killing the Doctor consciously and Amy unconsciously.
  • The paintings done in the style of Van Gogh that don’t actually make it to modern day. I think they did a good job imagining what the lost paintings would look like.
  • The moment of intimacy looking at the starry night.
  • Posters all over the TARDIS.
  • “How come I’m the crazy one?”
  • Vincent’s love note to Amy.


  • The invisible fight in the garden is maybe a little over the top and silly. Maybe not. Didn’t really like it.
  • “Proper artists.” Shame on you, Doctor. I know you meant artists with more realistic style, but still.

Comments, Questions, Speculation

  • The Doctor doesn’t let Vincent go in to fight, saying, “No, you’re Vincent Van Gogh.” Not the best argument. You know that what Vincent hears is, “No, you’re an infamously incapable madman.” Of course the Doctor means that he’s an irreplaceable treasure. Probably, “No, I can’t risk you,” would at least get closer.
  • When I first saw this episode, it felt like being hit over the head with An Important Message About Mental Illness, but with later viewings, it’s softened for me into a beautiful, sad story.
  • I don’t know if it would have helped for the Doctor to say it, but Vincent was prone to hallucination and might have thought his visit to Musée d’Orsay was one.

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