Screencaps and Review for The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood

Screencaps for The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood are ready. Review behind the cut.

Monsters and Wank

Monsters: no, the Silurians are people. Well, maybe warmongering Restac and Alaya are monsters.
Emotional Wank: 4 out of 10 about racism, ancestral claims, and vengeance

Intended Destination: Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Actual Destination: Cwmtaff, South Wales, 2020 AD

Rory Death #2 plus de-existence


Our friends wind up in Wales by mistake, but an oddity with the ground and the grass cause the Doctor to look into a mining operation wherein the ground promptly opens up and sucks Amy down. The Doctor realizes that beings are cmoing up from underground to attack, and he and the locals fortify a church with sensor equipment. They catch one, Alaya, a reptilian person but not before a child from their party, Elliot, is taken, making the total of human hostages three, since the Elliot’s father Mo had been taken the night before. Alaya has stung the crew chief Mac before being captured, and a greenness is spreading from the site. The Doctor goes down in the TARDIS with the head of the project Nasreen to try to arrange a hostage swap with the repltile people, the Silurians, leaving Alaya in the care of Tony, Rory, and Tony’s daughter Ambrose, who is distraught over the taking of her son and husband. The Doctor and Nasreen discover quite an extensive city deep underground, while one of the reptile people makes ready to dissect Amy.

The dissection is interrupted as the Doctor and Nasreen are captured; Amy and Mo escape. They get weapons and try to free their friends, but are recaptured by the military commander Restac, Alaya’s sister. All are slated for execution. Meanwhile Ambrose tries to threaten Alaya into revealing the cure for her father’s condition, but Alaya prokes Ambrose into killing her. The scientist Malokeh, who’d been doing the dissections, wakes the Silurian leader, Eldane, who dismisses Restac. He begins peace negotiations with Amy and Nasreen. The people on the surface are sent for, so Rory, Ambrose, and Tony come down with Alaya’s body, but not before Tony sets the drill on a timer to commence again, whereupon it will destroy the colony below. Restac awakens fighters, discovers the death of her sister, and attacks. The people from the surface, along with Eldane, retreat to a lab. They plan an escape involving blowing up the drill and setting a fumigation sequence that will send the warriors back to their sleep. While Nasreen and Tony stay below, the rest make a run for it. The Doctor spots another crack in time, and fishes out a fragment from it. A sickened Alaya crawls out of a tunnel and kills Rory, and time energy from the crack de-exists him. Inflight, the Doctor tries to keep Amy remembering him, but fails. The drop off the inhabitants of the village above, and just before going, the Doctor examines the fragment and finds it to be a piece of the TARDIS’ outer hull.


  • Alaya is so incredibly beautiful and fierce. Brings out all the Jack Harkness in me, to be sure. I’d dance with her any day.
  • Great big mining thing. Love a big mining thing.
  • Even though this is near-future industrial human tech, I still like it anyway. Ok, I should fess up that I love industrial human tech even when it’s contemporary. It’s not as bad as liking buckets, which I also do.
  • Restac of course is also beautiful and fierce. The scar is highly attractive as well.
  • The Silurian scenes carry for me a Star Trek Original Series sort of feel, which is doubled with Murray Gold’s trumpet riff that sounds designed for Kirk and Spock making a dramatic discovery.
  • The box with the ring on the floor in the TARDIS. *weep*


  • Wildly irresponsible Doctor, letting the kid go out.
  • “Go and play soldiers.” How patronizing.
  • “Malokeh, I rather love you.” Does he not know that Doctor Lizard has been slicing and dicing conscious people? Mo is standing right there, scar all up the middle. WTH?
  • “Those things” and “the creature” – they’re people, and the use of that word is something the Doctor would have insisted on, especially if he’s trying to broker peace.
  • He only says the word Silurian twice, once per episode. He keeps calling them Homo reptilia, which is fine, if you’re going to refer to the other party as Homo sapiens, which he doesn’t.

Comments, Questions, Speculation

  • The Doctor has really got to stop saying, “Nobody dies today.” Because every single time, at least one somebody does. And usually more.
  • The sequence of the Doctor helping Amy as she tries to hold on to Rory in her memory just kills me. Every time I cry my head off. They both are losing so much.

Raw Caps: 301 for The Hungry Earth and 303 for Cold Blood
Finished Caps: 82 for The Hungry Earth and 104 for Cold Blood

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