Screencaps and Review for The Vampires of Venice

He'll obsess over this for at least a couple centuries.

Just uploaded screencaps for The Vampires of Venice. See below for the review.

Monsters and Wank

Monsters: yes – sexy fish vampires!
Emotional Wank: 2 out of 10 for relationship issues

Intended Destination: somewhere romantic
Actual Destination: Venice 1580


After Amy’s moves on the Doctor, he swings by Rory’s stag to pick him up and send them off on a romantic getaway for the sake of their relationship. But they discover in Venice a family with an exclusive school of girls who don’t like sunlight, and a father anxious to free his daughter from it. They find that these are blood drinkers of some sort and scheme to get into the school to rescue Isabella. Amy poses as a prospective student, whom they accept, and in the night she opens a trapdoor for the Doctor, Rory, and Isabella’s father to come through. They learn much about the fishy aliens and rescue Amy, but Isabella does not make it out alive. The Doctor meets the head of the family, Rosanna, to find out what’s happening and learns they are refugees from the Silence, some manifestation of the cracks in the Universe. The girls of the school, humans undergoing species conversion, come to Isabella’s house to kill the Doctor, but Isabella’s father blows himself up to take them with him. The Doctor, having realized the plan to sink Venice so that the aliens can live there permanently, tries to stop the weather machine Rosanna has started. He must climb a high tower to disable it, and does, but is unable to stop Rosanna throwing herself into the canal to be eaten by her sons. Rory decides to travel more with Amy and the Doctor, and they depart amid silence.


  • Ha! Rory is totally on the uptake with the “bigger on the inside” thing. Love that!
  • “Ew. I know, I’ve been around, but … ew.”
  • The costuming on the general populace. I can’t tell how authentic any of it is, Italian Renaissance not being my period (hell, I am not even that great at what -is- my period) but I love it.


  • Candlestick crucifix, pretty stupid. Stabbing with the brushy end of the broom as well. I realize it’s meant to be comedic.
  • The Doctor doesn’t tell Rosanna that there can be another way, that he can help them, that they need not destroy anyone. He doesn’t try, or offer to try, to find a way to preserve their race that doesn’t involve killing others.

Comments, Questions, Speculation

  • The Doctor obsesses over this adventure for a while, referring to it later on in other episodes. His attraction to Rosanna, which I don’t quite get, and to the converted girls, which is really obvious and basic, seems to have cemented this time in his psyche. Interesting.

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