Shirts and Stuff

Redbubble has the most comprehensive and probably funniest collection of Doctor Who T-shirts possible. I want most of them. Am not a Redbubble affiliate. I don’t know if they have affiliates. It’ll take me a whole weekend to look at all these shirts. I only looked at the first 150 so far.

Must have:

Quite like:

This one’s not a Redbubble, but it is a must have. From Forbidden Planet, where I actually am an affiliate:

Speaking of affiliates, have finally gotten the Shopping page into some kind of order. I owe a huge thanks to Lorelle. Some of the javascripting that had previously worked just fine suddenly didn’t, but her elegant little fix fixed it.

Okay off to get groceries and then weed some more screencaps so I can post them soon.

P.S. …