51st Century

Ah, break time, how I love thee!

What comes from the 51st century:

I wonder if he dances like Jack.

  • Captain Jack Harkness
  • K-9
  • SS Madame de Pompadour
  • The Library
  • The Byzantium

What else?

Heard on a slightly older Radio Free Skaro that the Bump-N-Go Cybermat was expected to be available 16 October. What do you think? Nope, am not a Forbidden Planet affiliate, but I may look into it soon. Am now a Forbidden Planet affiliate. See the Shopping page if interested.

Hook for a new story …

“I’m too small. Your sensors don’t detect me. So, every time, every single time, it’s dangerous. I could die, but I don’t have any choice.”

I wonder what sort of being/craft/civilization could have that problem.