Screencaps and Review for Victory of the Daleks

Here are the screencaps for Victory of the Daleks. Review is below the jump.

Monsters and Wank

Monsters: yes – 8 Daleks
Emotional Wank: 1 out of 10 of the unbridled rage type

Intended Destination: Cabinet War Rooms, London Blitz, WWII
Actual Destination: Cabinet War Rooms, London Blitz, WWII


The Doctor answers Winston Churchill’s summons, though the Prime Minister no longer needs his advice – he’s quite convinced that Professor Bracewell’s secret weapons, the Ironsides, are the secret to winning the war. However, these Ironsides are actually Daleks, and the Doctor is intent on finding out why the charade. They trick him into offering testimony, which they transmit to their ship hiding behind the Moon. They reveal Bracewell to be an android and depart for the ship themselves. The Doctor follows and confronts the Daleks, bluffing that he has a self-drestruct device. The Daleks, having escapated their last encounter, found a progenitor device that would not activate because their DNA was no longer recognizable as Dalek. They sought the Doctor’s testimony to prove their identity, and so the device has activated. They also set a beam upon London to keep the lights on so that the Nazis can strike the city in the night. Amy and Churchill dissuade Bracewell from committing suicide, convincing him they need him to help out. Just as the new Daleks are emerging from progenation, Spitfires arrive in space, having been outfitted with Bracewell’s gravity bubbles. Two are lost attacking the dish transmitting the beam. But the Doctor, his bluff about the self-destruct having been called, retreats to the TARDIS and disrupts shields on the dish, so that the last Spitfire can destroy it. They are prevented from destroying the rest of the ship by the revelation that Bracewell is actually a bomb, a sort of black hole that will swallow the Earth. The Doctor rushes back, and he and Amy help Bracewell feel his humanity, which deactivates the bomb. The Daleks time-jump away, and Amy and the Doctor depart, concerned that Amy doesn’t remember the planet being kidnapped by the Daleks a few years before. Behind the disappearing TARDIS is a crack like the one in Amy’s wall, from long ago.


  • “You. Do. Not. Require. Teaaaaaaa?”
  • The Doctor did ask which war the Daleks were interested in winning. That had been my question, too.
  • The natural way he slaps both hearts when accusing the Dalek of wanting to kill him.
  • “There isn’t a sincere bone in your body. There isn’t a bone in your body.”
  • Just like with The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances, I love the 40s tech and fashion. I make a lot of fuss about alien tech and future human industrial tech, but really, being an anachronist, I love non-contemporary tech all the way around.
  • In the eyestalk view from the viewpoint of the new Daleks, there are visible at the edges things that I first took for wires, but they squirm about, so maybe they are blood vessels or nerves or something. Nice detail! I also like the contrasting colors and additional detail in the display area. Love it!
  • Bracewell’s lab. It’s so full of delightful stuff!


  • When Churchill is proposing to use the Daleks against the Nazis, the Doctor doesn’t tell him that the Daleks ARE Nazis. They’re space Nazis. They believe they are the master race and want to exterminate all others. It is so obvious to us but it went unsaid when it most badly needed to be said.
  • Falling though time. They do that a lot. Kind of overused.
  • Why it is anytime somebody finds one of something, it has to be the very last one? I get it with the star whale in The Beast Below – being the last of something was rather crucial to the plot. But it’s a worn out device that if there’s one of something, it must be the very only one in existence. So tired of it.
  • Having human memories and feelings somehow makes you less a bomb? I don’t get how the detonator doesn’t work just because Bracewell’s in love.
  • The ship interior has a couple of nice Dalek elements, but the general space looks a lot more like human industrial space.
  • Hunchback crayola Daleks.
    • I don’t like the hunchback-ness, although I understand that this shape is supposed to be for extra weapons caching, which may become cool in the future. So far it looks un-aesthetic.
    • First time I saw the new eyestalk, I hated it. But over time, I’ve come to like the way that it seems at least 50% biological. It enhances the cyborg aspect of the Daleks.
    • I really like the primary colors, just not sure I like them on Daleks. Should the Universe’s most lethal species really look like it belongs in a toddler’s mouth?

Comments, Questions, Speculation

  • That the Doctor completely loses his grip is both a like and a dislike. It’s a nice callback to Dalek in Series One with Eccleston, but I have a bit of trouble with the level of fury going on since he’s encountered them several times again since the Time War. Maybe I have to see that two-part finale with Tennant again to gague his level of fury there once more, but I don’t recall it being so off the charts for our Doctor. For the human-flavored one, yes, but not the original recipe.

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