Screencaps and Review for Father’s Day

Screencaps for Father’s Day are posted. Review is below.

Monsters and Wank

Monsters: yes – several flying reaper-type creatures
Emotional Wank: 5 out of 10 – father/daughter stuff, parental sacrifice, marriage problems

Intended Destination: Two key events in Rose’s parents’ lives.
Actual Destination: Two key events in Rose’s parents’ lives, their wedding and the day her father died.


Rose recounts to the Doctor the story of her father’s death, wishing to see him alive, so they visit her parents’ wedding, which is less than impressive. She then adds that he, Pete, died alone, so she wants to go and comfort him. They watch Pete be struck by a car, but Rose freezes. She asks for another chance, which puts two instances of them in the same place and time, a dangerous thing. When the car comes again, the second Rose pushes Pete away from it, saving his life. The Doctor argues with her and leaves, only to find his TARDIS an empty shell. Meanwhile Pete gives Rose a lift to the church where he and Jackie and baby Rose will be attending a wedding of some friends. Jackie believes that Pete has less than honorable intentions toward Rose, who is disillusioned to find that her parents’ marriage is troubled. The Doctor finds them to warn them just as winged creatures with scythes for tails appear and begin eating the guests. The creatures are there because time is wounded, and they must remove every living thing from that place and time. Everyone takes refuge in the church, as it is old and offers some protection, while the car that should have killed Pete keeps appearing and disappearing, driving in a loop around the church. Pete and Rose have several conversations wherein Pete realizes on his own that Rose is his daughter from the future. The Doctor and Rose reconcile, though the Doctor warns her not to touch baby Rose. He uses the TARDIS key and a battery to try to get the TARDIS to materialize inside the church, though it’s a slow process. While arguing with Jackie, Pete thrusts baby Rose into Rose’s arms, which causes a reaper to appear inside the church. It devours the Doctor and disrupts the TARDIS’ arrival. Pete realizes that being run over by the car will solve the whole problem. He thanks Rose for the extra hours and the chance to see her all grown up, the runs to his death. Time returns to normal and so the Doctor reappears, and Rose goes to comfort her father as he dies.


  • I like Pete Tyler. He may be kind of unreliable in some ways, but his heart is in the right place, and I like how he gets ideas. I like how he catches on quite quickly to what’s going on.
  • Young Mickey. Too, too cute.
  • Young Rose is way too cute as well.
  • The happy couple, telling their story to the Doctor, and his point that they are the most important thing in the Universe.
  • The Doctor straightening Jackie right out.
  • The brick phone.
  • That the past does change. Pete doesn’t die alone, and the hit-and-run driver doesn’t run this time.


  • Do not like paradoxes, ever. Someone in one of the podcasts was exulting over some of the more recent episodes and how they play around with time, instead of using time travel as a way to just get somewhere. Well I don’t like time played around with. I do like time travel as simply for traveling.
  • The reapers are blurry.

Comments, Questions, Speculation

This poor story gets so thrown under the bus with the “time can be rewritten” convention that came to prevail later on. You have to do a bit of handwavy justification for why this time can’t be rewritten, and also why Rose can’t touch her past self.

Raw Caps: 254
Finished Caps: 126

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