The Wedding of River Song Screencaps and Yet More Thoughts


Screencaps for The Wedding of River Song are up.

Raw caps

Finished caps

1920 x 1080

My first time capturing at this resolution. The images are over a megabyte each. Some are more than two. I don’t know what that’s going to do to my hosting over the long run. May have to reconsider my format options.

Had to accept a few blurry caps to get any at all of certain moments. All of my caps of the balloon cars sucked hugely.

Also these are a little jumbled in places where I went through a scene, figured I missed something, backed up, and went through again. They’re localized jumbles; nothing’s severely out of place.

Human vision is amazing. To look at a sequence with seemingly perfect clarity and discover it’s simply a clever collection of blurs is astonishing.

Also, I should probably make it a policy not to do a review until there’s been sufficient time to digest the material. I took many more notes through subsequent watchings and in the capping process that should really have gone into the review. Hence, this post is categorized with the review categories as well.

Spoilers …

  • Forgot to mention weeks ago that Colonel “Runaway” Manton’s “He Is Not the Devil” speech contains several of the same descriptions as the Doctor’s retelling of the Pandorica legend, referring to the being meant to be trapped within.
  • It’s funny that time halts at 5:02 in the afternoon in the UK, when it should really be more like 11:02 PM, or two minutes after midnight – I can’t remember if Daylight Savings Time was on in April or not. Oh wait, the invitation did say MDT on it, so yes, just after midnight. Odd that violating a fixed point in Utah would make 5:02 Mountain time become 5:02 all over the globe, but I can sort of buy that. When time gets corrected, though, London should go to nighttime with city lights, not straight into the afternoon.
  • I do love that the Doctor is the Daleks’ version of the Devil. Believe that has been mentioned before. Maybe a few times.
  • I didn’t realize that Daleks bleed purple. For some reason I thought Dalek blood was clear. Or maybe this was like hydraulic fluid or axle grease or something.
  • Some people have remarked on the similarity between the Doctor in the 7th Transept and Indiana Jones’ dad. It was about manner of dress and hating rats. Hm.
  • Love very much that Dorium can crack jokes about being beheaded. At least he didn’t mention having lost a lot of weight.
  • I looked Dorium Maldovar up the other day to get the spelling of his name and saw that his species is New Human. That’s one of those that Cassandra O’Brian looks down her nose at. Or would if she had a nose. So who do you think is more human, Cassandra or Dorium?
  • Of course the operative phrase is “no living creature” who can neither speak falsely nor fail to answer. He’s got to be interrupted by death, which, it being “Fall of the Eleventh” makes perfect sense. It’s a bit of a shame the Silence don’t know that just prior to regeneration, a Time Lord is indeed dead, completely dead. No need to permanently kill him.
  • Tell him it’s all on me except the money and the driving. Heh.
  • Good thing the Justice Department don’t know him very well. Champion of law and order? Oh, no. We’ve seen him commit a great lot of theft. Trespassing. Breaking and entering. Destruction of public and private property, to include planets. Sedition and treason. Conspiracy. Some iffy killings that could be manslaughter or even murder. Genocide. Jaywalking. I’m sure I’m missing a lot of them. No, what he champions is more like truth (despite the lying) and hope, life and mercy, wonder, maybe justice. But law and order, oh heavens no.
  • The way he says “my Amelia Pond” reminded me of how he sometimes said “my Sarah Jane”.
  • The Tesselecta must have some fantastic realtime mimicry software. And somehow River shoots its hat off, so it must have a way to separate tessellated mass.
  • Are all those Justice Department agents going to be able to keep the secret? Maybe the Doctor’s scored some retcon.
  • Speaking of retcon, if his own name is that dangerous, can’t he retcon himself and keep the Universe safe? Then on the fields of Trenzalore he can say, “I dunno. I forgot. Must have had a name at the start but darned if I know what it is now.” I can see why he wouldn’t want to get his mind wiped any other way – telepathic, biological computer virus, mechanical means – because it would mean that someone else would have to know the information in order to eradicate it. I don’t think you have to program retcon. I think retcon acts on whatever bit of information is foremost in your mind at the moment, and whatever is most immediately associated with it.
  • Really, really don’t like River’s black suit.
  • Another thought about why get married just then: he realized he was defeated, that he wouldn’t be able to pull off the fraud without letting River in on it. Maybe he thinks it will bind her to a promise of secrecy more tightly if her husband did the asking. I originally thought of the common practice that people can’t be compelled to testify against their spouses, but that wouldn’t really apply here, since testimony is not an issue here.
  • I wonder how many wedding ceremonies this year or so are going to be illuminated by timey-wimey distress beacons and feature handfasting by means of bow tie.
  • By River’s logic, the wedding didn’t happen, as it occurred in an aborted timeline in a world that never was. Or, do different rules apply to beings with Time Head? Do alternate realities actually count for natural and fabricated Time Lords, but not for the rest of us?
  • Really, really like the Stetson and long coat. Hope he gets to keep them for next series and/or the Christmas special.
  • Still a bit hard to buy that throughout the arc the idea has been that the Doctor’s death at Lake Silencio is a fixed point in time, and at the end he cheats this by having it be a perceived death, a fraudulent death, rather than an actual death. I was rather hoping for a time bubble. Or a Flesh duplicate that stabilizes completely and becomes him, so the original him can safely die. Or heck, if a completely stabilized Flesh duplicate really is the same thing as its model, the the Flesh version could die and still obey the fixed point. Hell, even a Ten-style lopped-off hand regenrated clone Doctor could have safely died and made it work. Just showing up and being shot at and officially dead doesn’t seem enough to satisfy something like quantum physics.

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