Why I Love This Picture: Closing Time

This is one of those beautiful images that don’t have much emotional significance. I mean, yes, a nice clean house is emotionally pleasing, especially when it’s a friend doing it for you and you’ve been through a lot, but that’s not what this picture is about for me. For one thing, love-love-love all the orange and yellow. Love the perspective. Love the balance of dark and light. Love the Doctor’s silhouette against the light in the patio door, and yet we can still see him – nice fill lighting! Love the slanting shadows. Love the hamster cage. Love tiny baby feet. Love the fairy godfather feel – he just needs a wand.

I really enjoy this image.

As an aside, it’s a bit of a relief to be at the end of the series, when it comes to trying to decide what to hide for spoileryness and what not. The above doesn’t really give away any major plot points. It’s not like cleaning house is integral to the resolution of the conflict in this episode. But with others, it’s been hard for me to figure what’s a spoiler and what’s not.