Various Thoughts on the End of Series Six

Spoilers …

On my way in to work today I thought of one more big question of the story arc that wasn’t answered by The Wedding of River Song, but now I’ve forgotten it. Darn it. Maybe it wasn’t that big and important after all.

So now that we know his name is incredibly dangerous, that makes the point in the Library when River tells it to him all the more powerful, doesn’t it? Someone in the Doctor Who LiveJournal community mentioned Reinette’s remark after she’d had a romp through his mind, that his name was more than just a secret.

Which mankes me wonder why in the Universe would anybody name a child something that dangerous. And what they used to call him when he was a kid. I know when he was in the Academy he was called Theta Sigma, but that’s a really lame name.

The screenshots from the HD downloads I’ve been getting recently are tons and tons better than the usual kind. I’m going to have to buy all new copies from Amazon and do some of these over, unless the DVD copies come out looking nice.