Speculation on The Wedding of River Song

Spoilers, of course.

So I heard on Radio Free Skaro that who I took for a beardless dwarf in the trailer is meant to be Fenric, as played by Mark Gatiss. Of course if you say Fenric a classic Doctor Who fan responds, “Curse of…” and there probably is a connection, given that the trailer contains a neon sign for “live chess”. However, that makes their chumminess in the trailer more than a bit confusing.

But Fenric does come from Norse mythology, being better known as Fenrir. If the next episode explores that connection, could the ever-so-popular metal eyepatches have something to do with Odin? Could they maybe give you omniscience or something? Hmmm.

3 thoughts on “Speculation on The Wedding of River Song

  1. I always figured the eyepatch was displaying an image of the Silence so you can remember them at all times.

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