Some Thoughts On Night Terrors

As usual, spoilers.

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Okay I was right and properly scared. Probably the first time ever.

I usually cannot identify with people who find Doctor Who scary. The Doctor never met anything that struck me as even remotely as scary as some of the monsters I’ve known in my lifetime, particularly the younger part of my lifetime, which is why his life always looked like such a lark to me. Just about everything he encounters you can fight or run from or outwit. Maybe the closest I got was more recently, when the crack in the Universe was de-existing people. That’s a bit on the scary side.

George is one really scared kid.

I can’t say why exactly Night Terrors got me. Maybe because George’s fear is just so palpable. The rabbity feeling of my heart in my chest, being unable to really get my breath, cold sweat. I remember that kind of fear, and it really doesn’t matter what my monster was.

What a tea loving episode. Just as I loved how Rebel Flesh opened with clutter, music, and recreation (but I didn’t mention that anywhere, shame on me), I’m warmed that Night Terrors finds two of our heroes just having a cuppa at the console. And then when the sonic’s readings lead to bewilderment on The Doctor’s part and fury on Alex’s, what to do but make some tea? It’s so English, how precious.

I kind of like the poetic touch in George putting the fear into those who put the fear into him. Too bad it goes astray and gets people who are trying to help him, and people who have nothing to do with him at all.

Marvelous use of shadow. My screencaps are gonna come out all hard to see though.

Such a moment of tenderness, spotting George peeking out of the window. My teensy heart broke.

“We’re dead. Again.” Heh!

Hooray eyeball.

“Off the scale!” That alarmed breathy whisper made all the blood run cold. Do you figure The Doctor was scared to his skin? Sounded like it.

“Come on, Alex! Alex, come on!” It’s like verbal punctuation. Or like doing the twist. Twice.

“Panic now.” Oh hell yes.

“And I can’t just ___________ like I normally do.” Doesn’t matter how much I slow that down, I still can’t tell what the heck he’s saying, can you? Plumpf Brian? Ah ok, I found a forum where they seem to say “plumb for” is like feeling around for something, groping for something. So if you’re trying to remember someone’s name, you can try Brian and see if that works.

By the way, the place I work has 47 Brians and 93 Michaels in the employee database. So maybe I should try Michael.

“I’ve got to invent a setting for wood. It’s embarrassing.” I laughed because he’s right. I’m seeing Donna, “It doesn’t work on wood?!”  Well, except for opening barrels of water so that sirens can come leaping out of them, anyway.

I guess the stunt budget was pretty slender. A decent shove upside the forehead with a foot would have tumbled a doll down the stairs for a little while and at least slowed it up a bit. Poking it in the belly with giant scissors just isn’t all that effective.

Here are five more thoughts on Night Terrors which I found interesting.

So there we go. I hope to cap it tonight, along with the next four episodes of Trial of a Time Lord, entitled Mindwarp. Which, by the way, also had an amusing use of tea.

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