Some Thoughts On Let’s Kill Hitler

Definitely spoilers.

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Is it completely necessary to create crop circles at high speed? Maybe the anti-vandalism police are really responsive in Leadworth.

Completely out of left-field Mels, who we can spot coming a mile away. I wish we’d seen her about when we saw Jeff. Remember Jeff? The good looking friend who’s not Rory? Do love the screaming and the dodging though.

“The men were a bit shy.” Hee!

Again with guns that click when you point them. Is this some kind of UK television convention? Is this just something that’s done? It peeves me far more than is reasonable.

Poor precious Rory. Those girls are so mean to him.

Hee hee all those years thinking he was gay.

Never have liked the practice of shining patterns on actors’ faces to represent looking at computer screens. We know that’s not how it works. It’s corny.

Do, however, very much approve of the 70s spy music in the Tesselecta. And the scary eyeglass grip.

Antibodies plainly don’t know what “welcome” means.

Okay how did they get all the way into the place and down the hallway and everything without realizing what year they arrived in?

Ha! The Doctor’s facial expressions as he sees whose life he just saved are just hysterical. So chagrined! But his message for Adolf is fantastic. Eye twinkle and everything.

Rory! Such a hero! I LOLed. Hitler in the cupboard.

The captain of the Tesselecta sounds so commanding and masterful as he says, “Let’s faint.” You can tell Moffat wrote this stuff.

Fun stuff, all the disarming. This whole long gag starting with the smoke and the fruit. Reminds me a bit of The Doctor having dinner with Blon Slitheen, though in hindsight, what an amateur.

” … since they’re both right here.” I am reminded of Fight Club. We have now lost cabin pressure. All the expressions on faces for the next five minutes are completely fantastic.

There should have at least been a hole in her dress, yes?

“Does anybody else find this day just a bit difficult?”

Oh, jodhpurs! Five viewings now and I thought she said jumpers.

“My bespoke psychopath.” This is now the phrase of the week. Good band name? Nice word bespoke. Precious little thing I first encountered in the Aubrey-Maturin novels. Oh look, it has more meanings than I knew; here it’s a double entendre. How beautiful!

The blippy blippy monitor should have two heart lines. For shame. Shame on me. There were actually two, they just had something else in between them, so I only saw one at a time.

Gay Gypsy bar mitzvah for the disabled. I like it.

Rory again! He’s so good.

“Can you ride a motorbike?”
“I expect so. It’s that sort of day.”

Ouch. Someone left in the Universe he hasn’t screwed up yet. Bing! You’ve been diagnosed a narcissist. A dying-in-32-minutes narcissist. See also “PoS at the center of the Universe.”

Surely it’s the TARDIS matrix who made the voice interface mention fish fingers and custard, yes? Bless her little hasn’t-got-a-heart.

Lots of people in their underwear running and screaming. It’s either Melody or it’s Captain Jack Harkness flirting with Captain John Hart again. Very useful clue.

“There was a ray and we were miniaturized.” Ha!

“We come in peace.”
“When has that ever worked?”

Psychic interface on the screwdriver? Really?

Stunning, stunning, Doctor in a tux. Oh my heavens!

Heh, the rules on how to be a Time Lord, Doctor-stylee. I’d like to see the whole list.

He can be so comical when it’s all so grim. Left leg power nap indeed.

The Justice Department clearly thinks they are god. We’ve now seen the Clerics, the Order of the Headless Monks and now the Silence. How many and which of these are going to be involed in The God Complex?

Gah. He got all distracted by the question of the Universe and didn’t ask the pertinent one. Why do the Silence want him dead?

Oh that painful in every way desperate crawl to the TARDIS, it just kills me.

Rather sweet of the TARDIS to teach Melody how to fly her. Especially after the business of the shooting. Remarkably forgiving. River did say that time that she was taught by the best, and too bad The Doctor couldn’t be there. Nice resolution.

What a picture, Doctor in a tux dying with Pachelbel’s Canon scattered about him.

Rule 1: The Doctor lies. I tend to foget that, liking him so much. He does lie, way too often.

So Rory asks the now pertinent question. Well almost. If Melody were actually a psychopath, what went down that day would not change that. (And I’m thinking she wouldn’t have been capable of what she did if she were truly a psychopath, so that angle could be a bit moot.) We can hope in the future they have a cure for psychopathy. In our day, not only don’t we have a cure, we can’t even treat it, beyond locking them up and not letting them talk to anybody. Psychotherapy does nothing but give them better manipulation skills. It’s scary.

So there we have it. The beginning of River Song. The Justice Department would have us believe she’s in the spacesuit, but I don’t bet against Moffat surprising us again.

I’m still wondering just what happened that started an endless and bitter war against The Doctor, but looking forward to finding out. I hope it’ll also tell us why the Universe came undone last year, and possibly why it’s coming undone this year as well. I blieve it is: we’re getting paradoxes (inviting yourself to your death, naming your daughter after your daughter), and the trailers seem to indicate everything about history is going to get derailed rather soon now.

And I still wonder what in the world The Doctor spends 200 years on. And where his clothes will be during that period. Because he was wearing the same thing both before and after his shooting, and clothing wears out. Hm.

Oh yes, and what causes River’s amnesia about her early years. It really didn’t look like she remembered breaking out of a spacesuit.

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