Gay Married Anglican Marines

I’ve been giving some thought to the Thin Fat Gay Married Anglican Marines. If some of these factors converge so seldom that these guys don’t need names, that’s a bit sad for a far future.

When did they decide to go nameless? When they got married? Or is that what drew them together? When they were single, were they Thin Gay Anglican Marine and Fat Gay Anglican Marine, and just knew destiny was with them when they met? Did each one grow up known as Small Anglican Civilian Child? Were they Thin and Fat, respectively, even then? Were they even boys? ¬†You can’t assume anything; Cassandra was a boy.

What does it say on their military ID cards? Do they have Thin and Fat in the “first name” fields and all the rest of it crammed into “last name”? Or are they Thin One and Fat One on their IDs the same way they are in introductions?

It’s going to be a bit hard getting Fat One’s photograph for his new ID card, now that he’s changed orders. A tied-off knot probably doesn’t photograph all that well.

Are they even still married? Anglican priests can get married, but since the Headless Monks are governed by the Papal Mainframe (herself), one could expect Catholic rules.

Then again, given the circumstances, Thin One’s probably a widower now. Even if Fat One weren’t cut down in the fighting, does he count as alive anyway? If he is still walking, does Thin One get survivor benefits?

These are the sorts of thoughts that occupy me as I shampoo my hair.