My Own Thoughts About A Good Man Goes To War (Spoilers)

In no order whatsoever …

This whole episode has a distinctly Star Wars feel. Amy Pond could as well be Padme Amidala here. Oh hey, look at those initials!

The Last Centurion! Bless! I love Roranicus Romanus Pondicus.

While I enjoy very much all the explosions, do we know the Cyber Fleet is abandoned or something? It’s not like The Doctor to just off masses of folks, to make a point or otherwise. Usually. That’s part of why the Time War is supposed to be so traumatic to him.

mvk and/or redscharlach called it. I forget now exactly who, but one or both predicted River Song’s identity. You win!

Chagrined to admit that I lost an argument. Amy’s baby does have time head after all. I should never pooh-pooh things. Perhaps that’s also how she gets the skin and hair features that are nothing like her parents at all. Am assuming she loses her American accent somewhere in her education.

I was pointing and shouting, “You did not!” at the screen when the Silurian and the blue guy were trying to implicate The Doctor in Melody’s parentage. I was not about to accept philandering as a possibility at all.

Love Thin Fat Gay Anglican Marines. So sad about Fat. Very relieved I didn’t have to watch Thin find out.

From a chat …

springdew: ha! river is wrong! they are not traveling in opposite directions. they are timey-wimey!
springdew: he’s seen that baby and the girl and has hardly got started with river, so it’s timey-wimey and very not linear thank heaven
springdew: it’s too sad a story otherwise

I think the theme of this series is What It Means To Be A Doctor. Or maybe The Doctor Needs To Get Control Of His Wrath Thing. Either way, he’s been doing wrath a bit too long there, apparently. If only the Family of Blood could have joined in. Apparently he didn’t learn anything from being shut into the Pandorica. Well, he only spent, what, twnety minutes in there?

As a linguistics enthusiast, I love that the keys here are linguistic. What the word “doctor” means to whom. How to translate nature names in cultures that don’t have those features.

I bet most of these unfamiliar characters come from the books and/or radio programs. They don’t feel concocted for the occasion.

Love the Silurian’s inability to distinguish gender in mammals. And her sweetie-face honey dear. I think that pair puts this episode at about 50% gay overall. Also love the Silurian’s wardrobe. And that she ate Jack the Ripper.

“Oh look, I’m angry. That’s new.” I don’t know if this is poor writing, poor memory, or what, but Eleven’s been talking about all sorts of new stuff and first-for-me things that can’t possibly be. And that’s annoying. Answering a mysterious summons? Hell yes he has, too. He has indeed been angry (wrathful, even) and also not known what to do. The only decent bet is on the flip side of the equation – he probably did intend sometime before to get to the cockerel before all hell breaks loose.

Happy to see space pirates again! Annoyed that they hardly get any screen time and no lines at all.

“I was gonna be cool.” Aaaaaawwwww. Did I mention that I love the Last Centurion?

Lactating nurse Sontaran! Love his scathing medical advice.

A few tweets observed …

So in the autumn we’ll be getting plenty of mother-in-law jokes, then? #doctorwho #spoilers

If the BBC really wanted to rebrand #DoctorWho for a younger audience, they would call it Doctor WTF.

Only one death threat, two demands for my immediate resignation, and two for my suicide. IT’S A HIT!!

From Radio Free Skaro:
Is there anything cooler than lesbian human Silurian swashbuckers from the 1800s?