Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon

Because redscharlach hasn’t done it yet (and I live for redscharlach‘s commentaries after each episode) …

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Some thoughts on The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon.










The Impossible Astronaut

– The Laurel and Hardy is just too corny. But nice fez!

– What perversity makes me like Stormcage so much? If I had to be locked up somewhere, I’d probably want it to be there.

– Missed obvious line: “What is it with shooting my hats?!?!”

– Going to skip all the WTF-ery around about the lake and back at the diner. Glad to say I caught on about as quickly as River, and felt as entirely justified in that slap too.

– I caught on to the numbers early on, but somehow I missed that Amy and Rory’s was not 1.

– Reciprocal Rory the Roman chest poke!

– My memory may be dim, but that diner reminds me of the one from that hideous CG Doctor Who video, the one I had to stop watching and just listen to because it hurt my eyes so badly.

– “And in fairness, the universe did blow up.” Hee!

– Whiny Doctor is whiny.

– I love the please-carry-on gesture while taking notes.

– I really hate the handguns that go clackety-clack when you change the direction of aim thing. Hated it a lot series before last and truly, truly hate it when multiplied by the number of Secret Service agents in the room. What the hell is that noise FOR?!?!?!

– “Do not compliment the intruder.” Whiny Peterson is whiny. Well, what do you expect, his ego is bruised.

– Part of what I love about Canton is he hears that whole list of nonsense needs and zeroes in on the one thing the Doctor really needs, and that’s all he gets. The man is sharp.

– Completely derailed by Joy’s gums.

– “On no account follow me into this box anc close the door behind you.” You can always tell who’s going to be defiant and who not.

– I chalk it up to Rory’s nursing instincts that he immediately starts taking care of the newb, even though he whines about it later.

– Maybe being single is getting to me, but I’m really liking all the flirting. A lot.

– “Let’s see if anyone tries to kill us and work backwards.” My son made a remark like, isn’t that his usual M.O.?

– Oh hey, it’s what my son refers to as Fake Tardis. If the planet is riddled with these things, what storyline implications!

– I find it a little annoying that River is much more upset now about the impending ending of the relationship than she was at the time. It surprised her then, when it shouldn’t have after all this obsessing. I hope that means their relationship gets a little more timey-wimey and not so linear after all.

– I feel like I should have foreseen just who was in the spacesuit, but I didn’t.

Day of the Moon

– I don’t really follow how they made it out of the warehouse and got started on their covert mission. Good thing there’s an amnesiac plot device to make it all okay; nobody else remembers either.

– Completely didn’t recognize the Doctor. In the previews I took him for another mad artist. His hair may be the largest circumference part of his body.

– Oh good. The marker-skin stuff is just tic marks, and not The Devil possessing people as I’d feared.

– Mysterious provenance of the self-mortaring dwarf star concrete blocks with the self-sealing fingerprint door. I imagine it’s meant to be a commentary on what we are willing to accept if we’re under the effect of super-post-hypnotic suggestion.

– Skin-integrated self-voicemail. Cool! I want one.

– Are we supposed to believe that Amy and Canton checked hundreds of orphanages? Or was there supposed to be some hand-wavy that let them zero in on the right one, because I think they forgot to put it.

– Ooh, bad CG launch pad. Sorry, no biscuit for you. I’ll take a bad rubber mask from 70s Who over that any day. Maybe even static-edge bluesceen fail as well.

– If tic marks are appearing on Amy, it means she’s been seeing the Silents, yes? So why isn’t she drawing tic marks while WE see her seeing them? Like with River? They don’t just make her break out in a tic mark rash or anything.

– We never do find out why they like to wear leather business suits make their skin emulate business suits do we. Is that just some weird fashion thing that they just happen to enjoy? Is it a joke about us? About control? You know, like, “Who’s the CEO now, monkey-people?” Or are BBC Wales tired of dressing up monsters in jumpsuits a la Weevils?

– When in trouble, whip our your Handy President! Good for any pinch on US soil.

– “America salutes you!” Bless! Extra points for breaking the model.

– So kind to give Mr. Nixon a rational reason for recording everything in the Oval Office all the time.

– Loving Rory’s dorky eyeglasses and parted hair look here. Especially when he gets into Devoted Mode. I just have to root for him.

– Oh look, it’s Handy President again! I need one of those for my tricky situations.

– Now how much footage did Canton have to shoot to get the perfect sound byte? That must be some battery. Another Doctor mod?

– Now as complex as all their feelings must be while Amy is having the stupid-face monologue, our fellas do not jump on each other or lash out in any way. I really like this. I was cringing through this, waiting for the inevitable explosion of accusation and bitterness, and it didn’t come.

– Really Important Flirting. And it’s telling that Jack can’t get away with shooting at people but when River does it, it’s a bit of a turn-on.

– This is why I love Steven Moffat. Wonderful idea – imbedding a post-hypnotic suggestion in what is probably the single most watched television moment in history.

– Love, love, love Rory and Amy and their dopey, dumbfounded staring.

– Love the back-to-back firing, though annoyed that River doesn’t acknowledge that he’s disrupting and not just making noises with his power tool back there.

– On the other hand, hate the whirly twirly shooting. It tries to be a bit of River Tam in the River Song, but just cannot be. Too whirly, not flowy enough, if that makes any sense. Maybe you have to have actually dawn a bead on something and fired at it to get what the motion would have to be like to do it all around.

– Maybe I’m sentimental, but the stupid-face stuff made me all squishy.

– Floundering kiss! There should have been a second, more better kiss.

– Hey, look, it’s Schrödinger’s fetus!

– Hey, look, it’s Regeneration Girl! I’m sure we’re supposed to think she’s the Doctor’s and Amy’s offspring, but I’m hoping for something a lot more fun. Like maybe a slow-growth clone off Jenny, perhaps.

So there we have it.

Will we ever find out just what Silent in the Ladies’ Room wanted Amy to tell the Doctor? I guess we’ll find that out when we find out what they wanted to do with her in Fake Tardis. The obvious assumption is that they wanted her to pilot, the way the last Fake Tardis did, but my gut says that’s all wrong.

I really like Canton 3 a lot. Surely we’ll see some of him in the big finale episode(s).

I guess we’ll figure out what the deal is with Metal Eyepatch Lady in the big finale as well. My guess – the kid is some kind of telepathic and it was a transmitted hallucination.

If River truly is, as is widely suspected, the Doctor’s wife, they’re going to need two weddings – one for each end. While he’s saying, “I do,” she’s saying, “I did.” And vice versa. Unless the wedding day is going to be the only day, which would be way more tragic than should occur in this series.

Matt Smith is amazing. He comes off as so old/young/old/young/old. And cynical. And naive.

Can’t wait for next week and some stroppy murderous mermaids, and Swashbuckler Amy! I’d take a doll of her over Barbie any day.