Some Things Changed

So it’s been some time since I last updated.

My life changed. I got married. I got laid off. I changed careers. I changed careers again. I got divorced. I did ridiculous amounts of education. In betweens, I stopped designating time for my hobby of getting and providing high-quality screencaps.

During all that, technology marched on, resolutions increased, all my galleries broke, and I didn’t take time to fix them.

So the blog remains for the reason all my blogs remain. But the screencaps are gone. Or probably gone. If my piwigo gallery turns out to be anything like my Gallery gallery, the images will likely turn up in a wicked series of nested folders. We’ll see. But right now the priority for finding them is pretty low.

Thus endeth a chapter. But it was fun!

My Quilt is Finished!

Nearly all my favorite T-shirts have succumbed to tears, holes, stains, shrinkage (or in the case of my body, growth) but I couldn’t stand to give or throw them away. I’d read in a story about someone who made a quilt of all their favorite concert T-shirts, so I started thinking about how I could do the same with my own favorites.

As of last night, it’s finished. I present my quilt of favorite T-shirts. As you can see, most are (were) Doctor Who in nature.

quiltIt’s chock full of errors. I am no sort of seamstress at all. But it’s warm and relatively durable and it delights my eye. So there.

Each T-shirt rectangle is backed with broadcloth or duck cloth, whichever scrap I had on hand that would fit. All the pieces were then sewn into larger rectangles of approximately the same size, which were then joined into strips, which were then joined side by side. Differences in rectangle size were made up with sections of blank T-shirt also on broadcloth/duck cloth. Some rectangles are made of my favorite sleeves – I like to scavenge fun sleeves off knit tops and sew them into my T-shirt sleeves. The stripey ones especially.

After the whole top was finished, I scavenged a comforter from the thrift store and cut it to size to be the bottom layer of the quilt. Then folding quilt tape all around the edges. Since the batting is already contained in the comforter layer, it won’t bunch up in the quilt. I may later do a few stitches to anchor the top more securely to the bottom.



I get it. I do. Steven Moffat explained some time ago why it is that Doctor Who doesn’t return the same time every year for the same number of episodes at the same time of a Saturday evening. He drew an analogy to that precious little bit of memorabilia that sits on a shelf somewhere, utterly beloved but so expected, so routine, that it’s no longer even visible anymore. I understand wanting to bring an event mindset to keep up anticipation and excitement, to help that precious thing be cherished again and again.

You can overdo anything. We’ve reached that point.

September, now, we’ll have to wait for series eight. For the first time ever, I can honestly say – I have other stuff to do now, and plenty of time to do it. I can afford to completely forget Doctor Who until it finally deigns to show its face again. And I doubt I’ll be excited when it does come back. Because, frankly, life has moved on.

You can only play this card so many times in a row before it becomes meaningless, Moffat. This fatigues me.

The Day of the Doctor


I didn’t write anything about The Day of the Doctor for the first few days after it aired to give everyone a chance to see it before posting spoilers. I’m still disinclined because it feels to me that people should meet it fresh, with as few expectations as possible, to get whatever they’re going to get from it themselves.

That said, the fandom is likely overrun with reviews and criticisms. I don’t have to join it though. But since people have been asking me …

I love it.

For me, it wasn’t an over-the-top squee-fest, but it delivered a solid storyline (not loophole-free, but what ever is?) with a resolution that left my eyes shining and wet. The Doctor has made himself a victim of his own self-loathing long before Gallifrey fell, so what now? What might he grow to be? May he finally earn his own respect?

I don’t know, but the themes of absolution and redemption speak to me powerfully. Not just making amends for an egregious sin but being able to undo the sin itself entirely – that’s a big deal.

The War Doctor Pre-Order from Forbidden Planet

I am oddly yet deeply amused by the offer of the Other Doctor, aka the War Doctor, action figure offered for pre-order at Forbidden Planet.

war-doctor1war-doctor2He comes with the Moment, which I would expect. What I wouldn’t have expected is that he comes with an 8th Doctor alternate head, so the big McGann fans among us can geek out to our hearts’ content.

The Other Doctor is confirmed to ship to retailers 28 February 2014. More info on how pre-orders work with online ordering is available at the Forbidden Planet FAQ.